The rehab industry needs to be disrupted the same way Uber disrupted the taxi-cab industry, because rehab alone doesn't work.​

– Scott Steindorff, Hollywood Producer


Square One Addiction Recovery (SOAR)

“What happens on Day 29?”

Combining the best elements of various treatment options and philosophies with a foundational set of life skills into a year-long program that will completely change your life, Square One has answered the question of “What Happens on Day 29?”
SOAR allows you to focus on your sobriety in the comfort of your current environment without completely uprooting your life. Going away to rehab can provide a false sense of security that is not sustainable after the 28 days are up and you are back home. This makes it a great first step on your journey to sobriety, provided there is follow through, but not the magic pill it is often portrayed as.
 SOAR has been designed as a complement to rehab, taking over on Day 29, or as an alternative to it. The program includes everything you see on our SOAR Solutions page.

SOAR Components


Identifying Root Causes
of Addiction

​PTSD, pain management, depression, anxiety, stress…the list of root causes is nearly endless. SOAR works with you to identify how and why your addiction began and address those issues with natural remedies and techniques designed to avoid getting in the same situation ever again.

Take control

Trigger Awareness &
Relapse Prevention

Future stressors in life are inevitable. Job loss, financial difficulties, loss of a loved one. These are just a small sampling of things that life throws at us. SOAR provides you with tools to identify potential triggers early and proactively deal with them to prevent dangerous relapses.

Holistic approach

Supplemental Inhibitors

SOAR believes in a natural approach to health, rather than dangerous pharmaceutical prescriptions, including inhibitors such as Cannabidiol (CBD), which has proven to significantly reduce cravings for typically abused substances.

stay on track

Life Skills

A lack of basic life skills can be depressing, often leading to addiction. SOAR ensures that you have financial literacy, a solid foundation of health & wellness principals and marketable job skills to live a happy and productive life.

basic accountability


Many rehabs and 12-step programs view relapse as a shameful failure. We feel that it’s not ideal, but also not the end of the world if caught and addressed quickly. SOAR requires weekly screening to do just that.

Although achieving a life of successful sobriety can be accomplished on your own, it is much easier and rewarding to have a support system.

SOAR Believes in a Philosophy of


Sobriety Guidance and Mentorship

How we define Hope & Help

HOPE means understanding that you can do it. Our team has helped thousands of people get their lives back and you can be next.

HELP means having the comfort that you don’t have to do it on your own. With SOAR you have a team of experts to lean on at all times.

Our mentors have walked in your shoes and will guide you through this journey. It won’t always be easy and you may hate them from time to time, but they are there for you every day on this path. They will hold you accountable to complete assignments and provide tough love when inevitably slip up. In the end, though, you will be completely changed and have the rest of your life in front of you.